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Founded by Luminary Artist Priscilla Woodson, Life Coaching for the Arts is subject of her debut book, “Aspire to Greatness,” and serves as the foundation of  the A2G experience. Created by an artist for the arts community, Life Coaching for the Arts is the first and only life coaching specifically for those in the entertainment industry.

As a certified life coach, Priscilla walks each coaching client through a 10-step process of becoming the best person and artist he or she can be. Diving into such issues as past experiences, gifts and talents, environment, circumstances, relationships, and professional goals, Priscilla helps participants discover their personal truth and use it as fuel to move along the journey to greatness.

Coaching is offered in one-on-one or group settings. No two programs are alike, as the individual – and what they bring to the table – greatly impacts the outcome. Each participant is guided, challenged, and empowered to realize what greatness means to them. The 10-step coaching program can take 10 weeks or more to complete, depending on the client’s readiness to move to the next step. Lively, interactive coaching sessions, materials, and homework assignments make Life Coaching for the Arts a truly life-changing experience.

Life Coaching for the Arts was designed for artists, by an artist. However, the subject matter and materials are applicable to anyone who wants to achieve their own greatness, regardless of industry. If you are ready to begin your journey and are willing to make the personal investment of time, energy, and finances, contact Priscilla for a no-obligation overview.

Questions? Ask the Coach!

Discover the difference an Arts Life Coach can make. Check out these frequently asked questions.

What is an Arts Life Coach?2018-02-17T20:00:30+00:00

An Arts Life Coach is:

  • A person who counsels and encourages artists on matters having to do with professional or personal challenges and growth.
  • An experienced professional who create processes that enable artists to achieve their full potential
  • Someone who invests quality time in an artist, eagerly anticipating and supporting greater self-awareness, growth, and accomplishment.
What does an Arts Life Coach Do?2018-02-17T20:04:34+00:00

An Arts Life Coach:

  • Facilitates the exploration of needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to assist artist in achieving real, lasting change and growth.
  • Creates intentional thought-provoking and interactive assignments.  Use questioning techniques to facilitate client’s own thought processes in order to identify solutions and actions
  • Aids artists in setting goals and staying committed to follow-through.  Ask questions to understand artist situation.
  • Encourage artists to engage and commit to proposed plan of action.
  • Evaluates and assesses the artist’s growth based on agreed upon goals.
  • Evaluates course duration for compliance and alignment with the artist’s current and future state.
What do I gain by hiring an Arts Life Coach?2018-02-17T20:05:32+00:00

There are several benefits of hiring an Arts Life Coach:

  • The coach becomes your biggest supporter and fan
  • The coach will hold you accountable to who and what you say you are
  • The coach will provide resources, access to networks and ongoing recommendation
  • You will receive support from a non-judgmental perspective.
  • You will obtain the tools to succeed and proceed without coach co-dependency
  • Your development will be derived from a holistic mentorship
  • You will be coached based on where they are right now
  • You receive ongoing one-on-one consultation
  • You are encouraged and equipped to receive continued education to further your craft
Why hire an “Arts Life Coach” versus any other life coach?2018-02-17T20:06:50+00:00

There are several advantages of working with an Arts Life Coach:

  • An Arts Life Coach understands artists from a physical, emotional, and intellectual perspective, enabling her to coach from a holistic perspective.
  • Coach Priscilla is a Certified Life Coach, which means you can trust her ability to deliver
  • Only an artist and can best relate to your personal and career experiences
  • Access to resources and networks that promote the arts
  • Direct experience in various aspects of the arts (i.e. radio, media, speaking, mentoring, performance, business).
  • Coach Priscilla is actively engaged in arts and entertainment communities.
  • An understanding of industry demands, needs, and language, and a strong business acumen.
  • Coach Priscilla has an established reputation of excellence and integrity.

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