The Business of Music & Entertainment

Founded in 2011, Priscilla Woodson Music & Wellness is the entrepreneurial extension of its CEO, Priscilla Woodson.  Priscilla Woodson Music & Wellness (PWMW) is an entity of excellence, inspiring others through creativity and imagination. PWMW’s diverse service offerings are designed to help clients achieve and commemorate unforgettable moments by way of entertainment and increase quality of life while exploring accelerated formats of wellness. PWMW is the leading edge of excellence, providing 2-fold professional services: the business of music & entertainment and holistic wellness.


The entertainment component of PWMW provides arts and entertainment business consulting, expert music administration services, studio musician, vocal coaching, and live entertainment performances.  Principal consultant and luminary artist Priscilla Woodson works with each client to determine their needs and develop a customized solution to meet the client’s unique specifications. As a 30-year industry expert, recording artist, elite national and international performer, Priscilla brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, delivering services for the arts by the arts. Services can be provided on a one-time or ongoing basis. Learn more about PWMW’s music services here.


Priscilla Woodson Music can meet the music needs of organizations looking for high-quality services for their events. Whether public or private and regardless of industry, PWMW provides professional music entertainment services for events of all types and audiences of all sizes. Options range from one-woman performances with or without a band and orchestra accommodations of up to 30 musicians.

PWMW has the necessary sound equipment to amplify venues from small conference rooms to 10,000-seat arenas. PWMW can adequately supply or accommodate a multi-purpose studio for musical/vocal rehearsals or studio recording.  Our in-house technology and entertainment equipment includes percussions, drums, keyboards, string instruments, sub-woofer, amps, mics, mic stand, mixing board, amplification system, XLR and auxiliary chords and more. PWMW is fully-equipped and ready to produce a stellar event for you or your organization. Contact PWMW to learn more.


Music has emerged as one of the hottest trends in wellness, and Priscilla Woodson Music & Wellness concepts are shaking up the industry and impacting the world. Thanks to music, which has been coined “intentional therapy,” the focus on wellness has been re-born, and PWMW leading this trend with music-wellness programs in Holistic Coaching, Life Coaching, Life Coaching for Arts, Spiritual Counseling, and Life Skills Professional Development.

The Priscilla Woodson Wellness component targets business owners and organizations that want to increase productivity, inspire their people, cultivate cultural change, or invigorate their leadership. PWMW’s wellness curriculum and therapeutic programs are game changers, helping participants to become self-aware while utilizing integration of mind (imagination) and creativity (greatness) – an introspective personal discovery at its finest.

PWMW Wellness programs include: