Experience Creativity Unleashed


Since 2002, Priscilla has been recording and performing music to satisfy the soul. Gifted to deliver powerful renditions in jazz, gospel, classical genres, Priscilla hits the studio when inspiration, purpose, and opportunity collide. Shop here for her latest collections.


With several musical copyrights under her belt, Priscilla has added two literary works to her resume as author of “Aspire to Greatness: Life Coaching for the Arts,” and its companion workbook, “Aspire For Greatness: Life Skills Professional Professional Development Workbook.” Both are available for purchase here or on Amazon.com.

Audio Inspiration

TRUST – A Motivational Journey, is an audio production by Priscilla Woodson.  This audio motivational journey is sure to propel you into a fresh awakening of explored strategies, onto your next experience of executing trust.


They say live performances show an artist’s true skill and character. Priscilla demonstrates her musical prowess in these dynamic performances. You may also view the complete video archive on YouTube.