Priscilla Woodson

As a premier entertainer, this international performing artist, entrepreneur, life coach and author has, for more than 30 years, proven she is an artistic business professional of immeasurable and diverse abilities. Characterized by class and a commanding presence, Priscilla Woodson graces her audiences with vocal prowess whether speaking, performing or orchestrating music.  Her gifts exponentially propel her for greatness while simultaneously preparing and equipping you to your best life ever.

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Her Truth. Her Story.

A luminary is one who inspires or influence others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere.  A leading light and guiding light; positioned in an inspiration role; hero, leader, expert master and more. Before I bloomed into a luminary I feel it’s necessary you connect with my story.

I lived in a two-parent home, born and raised in Miami, Florida – a home filled with many challenges.  My parents were hard working and did their best based on their birth environments, teaching and truths, whether good, bad or indifferent.  If it were not for them, there would be no life nor story. I was raised in the church.  For the life of me, I didn’t understand why my mother was searching for this Jesus – in so many churches.  I didn’t know who he was but had a feeling one day I’d understand.

My truth is spoken from a broken and mute little girl that sat in a room with an unlocked door, no TV or radio for white noise.  Birthed from a pathology of mental illness, depression, murder and suicide.  As a result, my environment was lethal. The circumstances that surrounded that environment halted and hunted me and everyone that was a part of it.  The relations that transpired created a new normal – which was a bad normal that further supported me rejecting what was actually normal. Normalcy was foreign and reminded me daily I did not belong or fit in anywhere.

Somehow, music discovered me at the age of 10 and took me on a decade voyage of gifted music and arts program.  High school graduation and are awarded a 4-year full music scholarship to Bethune-Cookman College only to be informed – little girls don’t go off to college.  So, what did I do? I enlisted in the United States Army.  Community college was the interim following high school, but the Army allowed me to save myself from myself.   During this journey, music continued to be a part of me, hereby creating opportunities of exposure and expansion.  It propelled me to be placed in ongoing leadership roles which taught me accountability, responsibility and compassion.  So many life lessons resulting to a gift. Ultimately I was realizing my truth, my story was providing the ongoing content to contribute and attribute at the table of discussion. Traveling by way of the U.S. Army afforded me to connect with different ethnicities, races, cultures, nationalities, demographics and more – all while discovering people just like me silently suffering within.

New exposure, new experience and CLUELESS! The cluelessness was diminishing, and new awakenings arose, resulting to the music that started crying out within.  Music started ministering to me, particularly gospel music and in every area of my life.  It unequivocally connected me to this Jesus that my mother searched for and connected with. I studied and learned of him; established a relationship and ultimately received Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  This duo – Jesus and music – calmed the ongoing beast of depression and suicide that was my silent suffering within.  Music further helped me to interpret and articulate life issues.  I knew something else was brewing which further enabled me to fight for my life, likening to that little girl in her bedroom, who was island living with no fight.   Rebirthing transpired when I decided to fight for my healing to live.  In hindsight I started investing in and embracing my truth, how to manage it and used spiritual and holistic tools as an agent to demonstrate to me and others – if I am going to be here, I will LIVE and not die.

The Melody is in the lines of Music

  • 35 years in Corporate America with roles ranging from customer service, administration and Human Resources Management.
  • 6 years as founder and CEO of small business, PW Music Services. With focus on consulting in the business of music, entertainment, Life Coaching for Arts and Life Skills Professional Development.
  • National recording artist with 6 CD projects in the genres of Jazz, Gospel Jazz, Gospel (traditional and sacred). Music compositions capture original and cover songs.
  • Two time author “Aspire to Greatness, Life Coaching for Arts” a book that captures my personal story and “Aspire for Greatness, A Holistic Approaching to Creativity & Imagination: Life Skills Professional Development. A workbook designed to capture your story with a positive response.
  • Audio production entitled “Trust, A Motivational Journey”. An audio experience restoring justice and strength to the word trust.  Most of all provide tools and strategies that identify the trust process.  Trust the process works and are organically strong to move us forward.
  • International performing artist and annual perform with the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.
  • Aspire for Greatness (A4G) is in partnership with The Ohio State University, Office of Diversity and Inclusion (DOI). The A4G program enhances existing excelling programs at DOI, particularly the “ACCESS and CHAMPS” programs.
  • Inducted into the elite music and arts community; and designated as one of Columbus, OH top vocalist all at the Lincoln Theatre.
  • Reputable and creditable vocal performing artist in high demand in the Columbus, Ohio area.
  • Certified Life Coach and Certified Human Resources Professional. Specializing in holistic practices in alignment with mind, body and soul while promoting work life balances. In addition offer strategies, perspective and tools in alignment in moving you forward with your goals.
  • Undergraduate at the Miami Dade Community College with focus on Accounting, Vocal Performance and Music Education.