Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is a type of counseling that focuses on a person’s spiritual and personal beliefs.  Spiritual counselors offer individuals and communities mental health services grounded in the client’s faith traditions and support the client in merging and activating fundamental principles to navigate their spiritual journey.  While spiritual counseling can take many forms, as a discipline it is rooted in the belief that the spirit is connected to the mind, body, and emotions.

Priscilla Woodson is a licensed Pastor, ordained by the Miracle Cathedral, City of Mercy, Columbus, Ohio where Bishop Jerry Pierce Sr., is the Senior Pastor.  Mrs. Woodson has the authority to solemnize marriages, conferred by Secretary of State of Ohio since 2018.

Coaching sessions are held in-person or virtually, as directed by client.  Coach Priscilla works with each client to determine their needs and develop a customized solution to meet their unique specifications. The frequency and duration of the coaching program is determined by the coach and client.

To learn more or to get started with spiritual counseling, contact Priscilla.