Imagine! Inspire! Aspire to be your best YOU!

The Program

The Aspire for Greatness (A4G) Life Skills Professional Development program is an instructional series and extension of Priscilla’s book, Aspire to Greatness: Life Coaching for Arts. Presented in a classroom, virtual or one-to-one format, this series is will challenge you to embrace your life’s story and use it as fuel to evolve into the best version of yourself.

A4G is a SNAP!

  • = Strategic
  • = Narrative
  • = Alignment
  • = Purpose

A4G Program Outcomes

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A 10-week introspective program that incorporate real life solutions and addresses the whole person. The A4G approach challenges the mind, body and soul; spiritually, physically and creatively.

Discover Your Gift – your gifts, talentsassets, strengths, values & worth. Reveal Your Truth and how much of yesterday crosses over in today by way of triggers & patterns and ultimately developing a maintenance strategy.  Knowing Yourself – identifying your foundation, reveal what you do and do not know that minimize compromise.  All subject matters emphasize forward movement that supports effective and efficient movement to greatness.

Triple threat affirmation that captures your purpose, power and plan.  The visual SNAP supports unlimited growth and lucrative opportunities that further define and promote passion, creativity and entrepreneurship.

A demonstration of integration of mind, creative approaches, techniques, diversity and more.

I’m looking for individuals that aspire to achieve that which is great. Who do you know?

For more information about A4G, you can download the course overview, view an introductory presentation, or contact Priscilla to get started.

The Workbook

The course companion, the A4G workbook,  is composed of  eight topical studies designed to challenge the mind, body and soul – creatively, professionally and personally. The A4G workbook walks you through the process of taking your good, bad and ugly, and making them work together for greatness’ sake. Written by an artist for the arts community, the A4G workbook was developed  to help you expand your creativity and imagination, discovering the elements necessary to engage in the process of your own success. Upon conclusion of the series, participants will have orchestrated and designed their personalized blueprint to success called the A2G Heart Module.

While Aspire for Greatness was designed with the artist in mind, the course and workbook content are applicable to all disciplines. To request more information on bringing the A4G experience to your business, institution or nonprofit, or to get started on your personal journey, please contact Priscilla Woodson.

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