Aspire to Greatness is a book that dares to convey an untold story – the personal story of the artist.  Life events and circumstances – no matter how tragic – have a major influence on your aspirations.  Aspire to Greatness challenges you to embrace your story and use it to fuel your journey. To not only be engaged from a dreamer’s perspective, but challenged in mind, body and soul. Your art form will only take you so far and, in time,  the real you will surface. When that happens, what will the media capture about you?  More importantly, what will you find out about yourself?  Aspire to Greatness walks you through the process of taking your good, bad and ugly and making it work together for greatness’ sake.  This relevant, practical book written by an artist specifically for the entertainment industry helps you uncover the necessary elements of your own success, with chapters including: Discover Your Heartbeat; Reveal Your Truth; Pursue Excellence; Live Holistically, and more. Every aspect of your life counts while on your journey to healthy, whole and prosperous living as an artist.  Are you ready to aspire to your own greatness?

Aspire to Greatness is also available on and Amazon Kindle for e-readers.