• Trust - A Motivational Journey, is an inspirational audio production by Priscilla Woodson. Life has demonstrated time and time again that trust is easy in its infancy, but it’s in the middle where the value of trust is weakened. Putting her best foot forward, the author endeavors to revitalize trust and return justice to its authentic value.  Trust is designed to be organically strong and sufficient within itself. This audio motivational journey is sure to propel you into a fresh awakening of explored strategies, onto your next experience of executing trust.
  • Trust - A Motivational Journal is a notebook companion to the audio CD, Trust - A Motivational Journey. As you explore the concept of trust and what it means to you, capture your experience by writing thoughts, emotions and revelations in this beautifully designed journal. Also available as a set.
  • Save by buying the set! Get both amazing products, the Trust Motivational Audio CD and companion Journal for one low price. Take the Trust journey for yourself and give the gift of Trust to someone else.